The ORFEO-CINQA Network is a Virtual Research CenterĀ  that brings together 12 research groups from Universities and CSIC-Institutes across Spain to collaboratively address the solution of problems shading the borders between the different areas of chemistry.
Created in 2007, the aim of the ORFEO-CINQA network is to contribute to give solutions to some of the fundamental problems of the XXI century, from energy to the generation of new biomolecules and new functional materials.
The network is based on the synergy between the different groups at all levels and the group members are also deeply committed to the training of students in a pluridisciplinary environment.
ORFEO is the acronym of the network associated to the Research Project of the CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010 call: Development of organometallic moieties for the selective functionalization of organic molecules.
CINQA is the acronym for Center of Innovation in Advanced Chemistry. Follow us in X (@orfeo_cinqa)

The Network Map

Mapa de Grupos

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